Use Your Words

Apr 11

Today my phone and i are in a race to see who will charge/wake up first so that we can go to the gym.

Apr 10

(Source: crimesagainsthughsmanatees)

Apr 08

the thing that sucks is he has this big family with obligations and all i hate is family, connections, relationships, obligations, relationships, people, ever.

He is the only person who won’t let me push him away.

Is “I want to be an rn” my reaction to being sad and unemployed or do I really want it?

Addendum, is “no nail polish” actually what is stopping me.

Apr 07

“[This basket] is vibrant, it’s tasty, and I am all of those things.” — Chopped contestant

Apr 06



Apr 04

What is wrong with my shoulder and why hasn’t naproxen fixed it.

Apr 02

Is that funnier or creepier if you know that despite living in the same apartment I barely talk to my dad and rarely if ever text him.

Why did I take a picture of the toilet