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Sep 01

Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns



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Aug 31

The greatest thing about my new job is that I am running in my first 5k in a little over  12 hours and I am not even a little anxious about that because I am anxious about literally everything else ever (my classroom will be messy and disorganized and I will be a terrible team leader and parents will hate me and babies will cry and I’ll be fired within a month)

I still really have no idea about decorating the classroom BUT I did find a pretty amazing wrapping paper to cover our front door in. It looks like a cheap approximation of Eric Carle polka dots and it cost a dollar a roll I’m so happy./

Why would anyone want any candle but this sea salt and maple popcorn candle I am burning right now.

Aug 30

"I have my headphones in, you can’t see me"

Aug 29

Someone oughta tell smith that despite all my fighting it I at least developed the ability to MAYBE fake Leadership Potential.

Fucking women’s college, man.

There is a difference between friend dates and hanging out with a friend you wish was more than a friend and there is also a difference between 2011 when you didn’t care about your “offish monogs relaish” and now when you care very much about it but also sometimes resent the timing of everything??

'No idea who D. is, have fun”
"I know her from LaGuardia."

I’m working on balancing pre-planning and organization with not stressing myself out going over every little detail (perfectionist problems? Wait no the Smif professor who was a perfectionism expert told me I wasn’t one…).

So like, for Tuesday, I need to have my monthly newsletter for the parents written and made cute (hi clip art,) and also some more of a grasp on how we are decorating the classroom.

But I’m not worrying about it now, today is first (and probably last) beach day of the summer and then picking up my number for the 5k monday.

This weekend I am not going to feel guilty about not volunteering with the boathouse because kayaking is amazing and fun and I’m so glad I started doing it, but the idea of not having free time this weekend was so stressful to me. I’ll write my newsletter I’ll spend hours on pinterest trying to figure out what to do with my? Classroom??

I am trying to balance saying no to things because it is better vs. Being lazy and not wanting to do things I think I’ve got this?

When one of my TAs asks me if I have plans for how to decorate our classroom.
When I have a classroom.
When I have TAs.
When I have absolutely no idea how to decorate our classroom.

Aug 28


King Baby says No
I’ll be honest here, I don’t know if the proper word is Lay or Lie


King Baby says No

I’ll be honest here, I don’t know if the proper word is Lay or Lie

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